About Us

Dealer Commander was initially developed as an in-house backend operating system by an independent Office Product dealer. After years of frustration dealing with outdated office products software (OP Dealer Software) technology, it became increasingly clear that the existing technology choices were no longer a viable option. Thus, Dealer Commander came to be. It has evolved over the years to keep pace with the ever-changing technology of today's marketplace.

"There was no mainstream software provider geared to the needs of the office product dealer that could offer a Search Engine Friendly on-line presence along with fully integrated back-end operating system, states co-founder, Sonny Arora. Of course, the technology existed but that also meant a dealer would have to incur a tremendous cost, both in time and money.

Unfortunately, today, dealers are still struggling with these same issues. Independent Office Product dealers still have to choose between a cost-effective back-end operating system and a true online presence. There is no affordable option out there that offers both. Mr. Arora states, "My vision for Dealer Commander was to develop a product for Office Product dealers that would fully integrate these two options while staying cost-effective, and that means affordable!" Understanding the numerous ways that office Office Supply Product dealers can go to market is an intricate part of how we have developed our technology. We understand that a strong business relationship with your software provider is critical to a dealer's success.

Utilizing the latest technology to run your business is no longer an option. In an extremely competitive environment such as the Office Products industry, your business needs the tools to position itself as a leader. Your prospects & clients are becoming increasingly more tech-savvy and are looking for a company that is a step ahead of everyone else. A company whose goal is to help you, the OP dealer, provide your customers with an efficient shopping experience. Dealer Commander is focused on bringing the Independent Office Products dealer Software technology solutions without breaking your budget.

Dealer Commander is keenly aware that every business, small or large, works within a budget. Whether you are a small start-up or large and well established, Dealer Commander has a solution that will fit every budget.

Dealer Commander - The Office Supply Management Software provider, knows that there is no one technology solution that will fit each and every customer's needs. That is why Dealer Commander eCommerce and Business Management Solutions are highly customizable for you, the dealer. Its standard technology solution is impressive, and our innovative add on features give you all the flexibility to create a package that fits your company and business model. With any storefront you decide to choose, whether it is to consumers, businesses, or governments, all of which are capable to integrate with our business operating systems, Dealer Commander-Lite, Dealer Commander-Pro, and Dealer Commander-Enterprise.

It takes a lot to compete in today's online market place. You can run a simple template driven eCommerce system so your customers can order online, or you can build a robust website with a custom look & feel, built-in analytics reporting, and add in some search engine optimization. Whatever your business plan is, we have the technology solution that WILL grow your business.

**In addition to software solutions for the OP Software Industry, we now offer similar solutions to numerous vertical markets**


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