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SEO Friendly eComm

SEO Friendly eComm

A true SEO friendly website where ALL pages have SEO traction

Responsive Website

Responsive Website

A Responsive Website Design is one that “responds” to the device and rendered properly in both desktop and mobile devices.

Dealer Commander Packages

Dealer Commander Packages

We have multiple packages for small to large sized businesses

Unlimited Online Support

Unlimited Online Support

When you just need to talk with someone. We have varying levels of support

Dealer Commander - Your Business's Office Supply Software Provider

Our base platform is designed for small to mid-sized businesses

Dealer Commander PRO is a perfect choice for mid-sized companies

Dealer Commander Enterprise is designed for large scale operations

B2B Store Front

B2B Store Front

  • Optional Store Front
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Robust Search
  • Manage Specials
  • Large Rotating Banner
  • Template Driven or Custom Design
  • Link To Social Media Pages
  • Manage On-Site Advertising
  • Interactive Menu
  • Up-Sell Functionality

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With our fast developement team and office supply management software your business can be up and running in no time!

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Business Equipment

Business Equipment

"We migrated from Britannia to AOSware for several key reasons. We were with Britannia for 10+ years. After seeing the advancements that AOSware had, we thought it would be in our best interest to switch. AOS helped us with every step of the migration. When issues came up, their support staff addressed the issues and solved them quickly! The purchasing capabilities that AOSware offers were very attractive and proven to be excellent. Our purchasing manager can now look at one screen and realize savings for the dealership. We anticipate adding 3 to 5 points to our bottom line utilizing the purchasing feature! We were leaving thousands of dollars on the table, each year by not purchasing correctly. AOSware now makes purchasing extremely easy and profitable for the dealership! Our dealership, needed a feature that would invoice our copier customers. AOSware wrote this copier software for us in a matter of days. This feature alone saved our company over 10 hours of work per month! Looking back, I wished we had switched sooner!"
Service Office Supplies, Inc

Service Office Supplies, Inc

"I have used Britannia software for many years, and I realized through the years, after several price increases and the introduction of the Moore file, that it was time for a new software program. However, it seemed that Britannia acquired a few of the programs that captured my interest, and I wanted to try another company. We delayed this decision until Britannia announced that they would no longer support our software. We talked to several vendors but soon discovered that their product was too sophisticated for our needs or too expensive. And then we discovered Sonny. We met with him during the ABC conference in Vegas, and he showed us his product. We were impressed and decided during the demonstration that AOSWARE was the software we needed. We went live October 1, 2015. We have no regrets about our decision, only that we did not change sooner. Kat provides excellent training, and the software is easy to use. Sonny monitors the dialogue between support and end user and often steps in to clarify an issue. I highly recommend AOSWARE to Brit4 users."
Universal Business Supplies

Universal Business Supplies

"I did a lot of research before choosing AOSware as my web partner. I searched most of the online companies that provide web services for our industry, and most were too complex and complicated for our needs. When I found AOSware at an ABC conference 10 years ago, I knew that I had found a company that I could grow my business with. I have been especially impressed with the great customer service, and the willingness to listen to my needs. They were able to link my business with the right product for both the front end design of my website as well as the back end capabilities that help our office to run very efficiently with less staff. Thank you AOS Ware management and staff for the great job that you do. You have been a great company for us to partner with."
CPS Office Products

CPS Office Products

"When we decided we needed to upgrade our software front end and back end, we narrowed our search down to four vendors. All four had a solid solution that would have meet our current needs, but we asked all four vendors the same question. Where do you see your product in two or three years from now? Three of them all replied with similar answers, what you see today is what you will see down the road the product is complete. However, one vendor gave us a very different answer they had a plan! I was provided with a list of the next 3 releases with target launch dates, and then I was given 3 more future plans on the board for down the road improvements. AOS was that provider, they understand that business is constantly changing and how important the ability for my software to change with my business. We have been very happy with the AOS team, their out of the box thinking has kept us moving and growing."
Carriage Paper Products

Carriage Paper Products

"At the end of 2014 we needed to change our software to support our new product line of Office Supplies. In March of 2015 we launched our ecommerce site on Brit 5 with high expectations that our main line of business would be the driving factor on the site. Three months in we quickly realized this was not the case and the vendor ECI indicated the End of Life had been set on the software, so no changes would be made. If you have migrated to new software, you know once is enough and twice in a 6 month period is insane, but we knew there was no alternative. Enter AOSware; after our introduction call it was clear AOSware understood what we needed, a software package that highlighted our current business line and would support the new Office Product line. AOSware worked closely with us to ensure the migration of our information was as painless as possible. They worked with us on OUR day to day flow of order processing, which is nothing like the world of Office Supplies. From an IT / support perspective I enjoy working with a software company that is willing to listen to our needs and work with us and help us grow. I have been in IT for 20+ years and it is a great feeling to submit a support ticket and receive a timely resolution. At AOSware you are not just a customer you are part of a team and when you succeed they have done their job.
Lynn Constantino
IT & Operations
Carriage Paper Products"
Panola Paper

Panola Paper Co. Inc.

"We chose Dealer Commander almost 8 years ago because they could do everything we asked them to do. We are an Office Supply Dealer but also sell Janitorial, Warehouse and Shipping, Food Service and Concession Supplies. Sonny Arora and his team were capable of hosting a front end Website and back end software for our accounting needs. His team created our Logo and created a Customer Friendly Front End site for our customers to order on. They were able to load all the items we sell, not just the office supplies. This helped us become a one stop shop. We tried another software provider for a few months but quickly returned to Dealer Commander when we realized we already had everything we needed to be a competitive force in the market. In the nearly 8 years of service we only received one price increase which is almost unheard of. We have recently upgraded to the "Pro" Software and are enjoying the benefits and the great Customer Service we have always enjoyed with Dealer Commander team and something you don't receive from Nationally known software providers."

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