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Upon completion, your Website must be marketed and promoted to search engines.

The best way to accomplish this is by implementing search engine optimization techniques that will raise your search engine rankings allowing your website to be more visible and attract new visitors and traffic each day. Our websites are developed with search readiness and can be optimized to vastly improve your ranking. Our SEO staff can take your website to the next level of search engine awareness and deliver you a favourable rank and a favourable profit. Simply put, the higher your rank the greater your opportunity for success.

Our web design services accommodate small, medium and large companies and all budgets with fresh innovative eCommerce solutions to meet our client's individual needs. From our wide variety of basic and premium templates to our full custom websites, we provide the features and functionality you expect and need to be competitive in the eCommerce market. All of our template designs are well organized and developed specifically for the end users to navigate and find your product offerings.





Clearly, eCommerce marketers recognize the power of social media to connect with an audience. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Blogs are nearly ubiquitous in our lives. They’re like the 21st-Century Main Street; we use them to communicate, find information quickly and increasingly, to shop for products.
For Web businesses, effective social marketing represents real value. Social networks offer new ways to reach first-time customers, engage and reward existing customers and showcase the best your brand has to offer. Your social network profiles and the content you share are as important as a business’ storefront signage and displays in the 1950s.

The ability to accept and process credit cards is a must for any eCommerce website. Our process is to securely store them in your database once an account has been created.
We set up your website so processing credit cards is 100% secure.
We use the industry standard; 128 bit encryption. This means the information being processed transmits in code. If anyone were to intercept the code it would not be readable. You need and your customers expect, security when processing credit cards online. That’s why we have built special security features right into our eCommerce websites.





We never rest! Dealer Commander now offers a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With our CRM system you can schedule clients and tasks, generate detailed reports, develop client generation and track sales trends and reports and much more.
Another great new feature to Dealer Commander is Quote Commander. Now you can generate proposals in 3 easy steps. Some of the features included with Quote Commander are integration with OP software, pricing data from big box stores, import/export features and cross referencing big box SKUs along with intelligent proposal documents.